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We exist to make life easier and improve outcomes for healthcare professionals and patients through the innovative use of medical vacuum technology.

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Medela’s Thopaz+ takes chest drainage therapy to a new level of care. Unlike analogue systems, it reliably regulates the applied pressure at the patient’s chest and digitally (and quietly) monitors critical therapy indicators. Clinical data has demonstrated that Medela’s chest drainage therapy improves outcomes and streamlines the delivery of care.


Medela simplifies the delivery and management of NPWT. We make it easier for healthcare professionals to help their patients heal.

Professional Vacuum Solutions

Fluid Collection System

Medela provides hygienic and efficient fluid collection systems, in both disposable and reusable models, and which fit individual suctioning applications. A wide range of accessories complement the range.

We offer various levels of integration to tailor solutions that best fits your needs.
We are partnering with global market leaders - customizing vacuum technologies solutions for specific applications and providing end-to-end solutions so you keep innovating in your field of expertise.

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