Tell your WOC Nurse story at WOCNext, and we will donate $50 to the Fund the Future campaign for every story shared.

“WOC nurses make a significant impact in patients’ lives every day. They improve patient care across all settings through advocacy, patient and family education, research and the achievement of positive clinical outcomes."

Dr. Katherine Jeter is sharing her story at WOCNext, and is inviting you to share yours!

Come to Medela’s booth 1027 at WOCNext June 23-25, to share your story. For every WOC Nurse that shares their story on camera we will be donating $50 to the Fund the Future campaign.

There are so many great stories to tell, including yours… make us laugh, make us cry, tell us your proudest moment!

These stories will be shared through the WOC nursing community via various outlets, including this landing page. And, you can share with your WOC Nurse friends and family too!

Dr. Katherine Jeter will share her story about the origins of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy at the WOCNext Innovation Hub. Join us to hear what this chartering member of the WOCN Society has to say! If you can’t make it, check back to view the story here after the show.

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A collection of all the wonderful stories, straight from the source, about what it means to be WOC nurse!

A WOC Nurse is an Educator

A WOC Nurse is an Ambassador

A WOC Nurse is a Clinician

A WOC Nurse is a Storyteller

A WOC Nurse is a Influencer

What does it mean to be a WOC Nurse?

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